15 Best Amulets in Hollow Knight

In Hollow Knight, your amulets will often save your life! Team Cherry’s game is considered one of the best indie games of all time, although it’s not easy. Therefore, relying on the amulets in Hollow Knight on your journey will make some obstacles much simpler.

When equipped, these items give some extra bonuses, such as health, more powerful attacks, or even fully transformed (and improved!) spells. However, there are a large number of amulets in Hollow Knight, and this guide is designed to let you know the best 15, from the worst to the most supreme of all. Let’s start?

Best Hollow Knight Amulets

Here is the list of the best amulets in Hollow Knight. We’ll talk about each of them, in more detail, in the next topics.

  • Unbreakable Heart;
  • Quick cut;
  • Unbreakable Strength;
  • Flukes’ Nest;
  • Joni’s Blessing;
  • Song of Larvae;
  • Deep Focus;
  • Elegy of Larvamosca;
  • Hive Blood;
  • Quick Focus;
  • Capricious Compass;
  • Devourer of souls;
  • Brand of Pride;
  • Lifeblood Core;
  • Dodge Master.

Unbreakable heart

Here we have the Unbreakable Heart amulet. It takes some time to obtain, as you must first purchase the Fragile Heart at Eat Legs’ shop in Fungal Wastes. Then just find Divine in Dirtmouth and give her this amulet, with 12000 more Geo. Thus, you will improve this version for Unbreakable Heart, which is indicated in our list.

The Unbreakable Heart adds two white masks to the player’s health. Unlike the Fragile version, it doesn’t break after the wielder dies. This can make all the difference in Hallownest’s most challenging fights and toughest platforms.

Quick cut

The Quick Slash can be found in the lower area of ​​the Kingdom’s Edge, hidden in a secret room behind a series of powerful enemies. This amulet makes players attack faster with the stinger.

In addition to the obvious damage ability, the amulet can also be useful on certain platforms. When you’re in one location and you need to move and attack, you’ll do it much easier and faster than before.

Unbreakable Force

This amulet works like the Unbreakable Heart. First, you must buy Fragile Force at Eat Legs’ shop in Fungal Wastes. Afterwards, you must upgrade it to the Unbreakable Force version with Divine, in Dirtmouth, for 15000 Geo. The ultimate version of the amulet will not break upon the player’s death.

Unbreakable Strength increases the damage dealt by the wielder by a very significant amount. It strengthens physical attacks by 50%, which means your enemies will go down with fewer hits. This amulet can be especially useful in boss battles, where doing as much damage as possible is the key.

Flukes Nest

This amulet can be obtained from the Royal Waterway, just after defeating Flukemarm, the optional boos of this region. It can be a very challenging fight, as Flukemarm commands a variety of fast enemies, but the reward is worth the effort; after all, you will have one of the best amulets in Hollow Knight in your inventory.

Flukes Nest transforms Vengeance Spirit magic, a powerful burst of pure energy, into a violent burst of baby flukes. The worm horde does much more damage than the initial version of the spell, but it has a shorter range. If you’re a bolder player and aren’t afraid to get close to enemies, know that this amulet promotes devastating attacks.

Joni’s Blessing

This amulet can have excellent value depending on the build you build in the game. Equipping it causes all of the player’s masks to be transformed into Lifeblood and the number of masks is increased by 40%. This can cause the wearer’s health to increase dramatically, which is great.

The amulet, however, comes at a cost: Lifeblood masks cannot be healed normally, so you might lose some until you reach a checkpoint. However, it can be very effective if you do a magic-focused build – but choose to promote powerful attacks overhealing.

Song of Larvae

To get this amulet, just rescue 10 Grubs for Papa Grub, who will present you with the Song of Larvae as a thank you. It is easy to equip and simple to use, as well as has a relatively powerful skill.

When the player takes any kind of damage, Song of Larvae will give him some Soul, a resource used to cast spells and heal in-game. If you’re taking a lot of damage in a fight or in a platforming sequence, Song of Larvae can be extremely useful in making the best of a difficult situation.

Deep Focus

Deep Focus can be found inside the Crystal Peak mines, but you’ll need to go through a rather complicated section first. The amulet lets you use your Focus power to heal two masks at once, which can make a tremendous difference to your gameplay.

Deep Focus, however, has a certain disadvantage – using Focus takes twice as long. Also, he doesn’t make the wielder get Alma, which means he might not be the best choice for some of the game’s quick fights. Even so, it still has its uses.

Larvamosca Elegy

You can obtain the Elegy of the Larvamosca by saving all Grubs in the game. It is a powerful amulet that adds a ranged attack beam, giving you more options when dealing with enemies.

The Maggot Elegy, however, only works when the player’s health is full, so taking any kind of damage will make the amulet unavailable. This makes it less useful in boss fights, where you are almost guaranteed to take damage. However, it is a useful resource when dealing with distant opponents.

Hive blood

The Hive Blood can be found, well, in the Hive. You get the amulet by defeating the Hive Knight, and he turns your masks into honeycombs and regenerates the last mask you lost. This makes the amulet very useful, although it also has its drawbacks.

The amulet’s delay can be difficult to get around, and it’s also costly to equip. In a section of challenging platforms, however, Blood of the Hive will be your best friend, as it will virtually guarantee you reach your final destination in one piece.

Quick focus

Quick Focus is one of the best amulets in Hollow Knight. It can be used to speed up the Focus’s regeneration power, halving the time it takes to complete. In more complicated battles, this can literally save your life.

When combined with the Deep Focus amulet, Quick Focus will allow you to heal two masks at once. This can help you win a fight against bosses who break two masks in one blow, for example.

Capricious Compass

For those who don’t have such a good sense of direction (like this person speaking to you), the Capricious Compass is one of the best amulets in Hollow Knight. Her objective is to guide the player through the maze that is the game’s map; many locations can be quite complex if you don’t have a good orientation.

The amulet will indicate the player’s exact location when the map is opened, which gives the wearer a sense of where he is in relation to the entire map; it’s like you’re in a mall and you want to find a store, and you see a “you are here” sign on the map. Plus, it’s easy and cheap to equip, so you won’t lose anything with it.

Devourer of souls

The Soul Devourer is definitely an expensive amulet, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it, as it has the ability to attract Souls from creatures that are still alive. It also increases the amount of Souls gained when hitting an enemy with a significant amount of damage, which makes it very useful in boss fights.

Generally, the Devourer of Souls is used in the Home of the Gods against Radiance. The amulet causes the wearer to acquire triple the amount of Soul as the Soul Catcher, so the two are not matchable.

Pride Mark

The Mark of Pride is a welcome addition for those who aren’t comfortable with close-range combat. The goal is to increase the nail length by 25%, which might not sound like much, but it turns out to be a significant advantage against tougher enemies.

To get it, you’ll need to defeat the Mantis Lords in Praying Mantis Village. Compared to the Long Sting, the Mark of Pride adds 10% to the wearer’s string range.

Lifeblood Core

The Lifeblood Core is useful for players who rely on spells to defeat enemies. The amulet itself contains a “living core” that bleeds Lifeblood, which helps spellcasters use more Souls in their damage spells than in their healing.

This is the best health amulet a player can get, although the process for getting it is not that simple. First, the player will need at least 15 Lifeblood masks before opening a hidden door in the Abyss wall. So far, invest in the De Joni Blessing amulet, as it allows you to convert extra health into Lifeblood masks, making this process to get the Lifeblood Core faster.

Dodge Master

This amulet may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to fast, bold moves, it’s a must. The Dodge Master makes it possible for players to dodge twice as often, which increases overall map filling speed. It’s also easy to obtain and equip.

The Dodge Master can also be useful, of course, when it comes to dodging attacks and damage. It works best at the beginning of the game when enemies are not as challenging and the map allows the player to move faster. It is, without a doubt, one of the best amulets in Hollow Knight.

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