How to find your downloaded music on YouTube Music

Hey guys! Did you hear the news? YouTube Music users can now find their downloaded music more easily! The latest version of the app now has the “Downloads” search filter. So, you can search if you have downloaded content for that song, album or even artist. Pretty cool, huh? 💙

Before, people could only find their downloaded songs and playlists by going to the “Library” tab. So, this new update has come to greatly simplify the way to downloaded songs. ✅

Want to find out how to find your “Downloads” on YouTube Music? Just take a look at this article! 😉

How to find your downloaded songs on YouTube Music

Guys, before starting, it’s worth remembering that this news is coming to the YouTube Music app for Android and iOS devices, okay? So, don’t forget to update your app.

Step 1: on the app’s homepage, tap on the “magnifying glass” icon to make a new search;

step 2: do that, you just need to type the name of the song, artist or playlist you want to find and drag to the side until the new filter “Downloads”. Here you will find all your downloaded content with that name.

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