5 Addictive Simulation games

Everyone has played an addictive simulation game once in their life and wasted at least an entire afternoon playing just one more turn or completing just one more task.

In today’s post, we’ve put together some of these games that are sure to help you fill your free time between a boring home office meeting and another.


In SimCasino, you control the owner of a Casino and you must make your business prosper, whether with slot machines, blackjack tables, and so on. The idea is quite straightforward: you are the house and must follow that maxim where the house always wins.

In addition to the betting part, you can still make improvements to your resort, for when your customers are not between one game and another.

Are you going to say that you didn’t feel like spending an entire weekend in a casino playing the game? Because while this is not possible because of the pandemic, our suggestion is that you go to the casino v do just that 100% securely.

Game Dev Tycoon

Everyone has had the ambition to become a game developer, but how about living the life of a company owner of this type?

In-Game Dev Tycoon, you do exactly that: choose the games you want to develop, the platform on which it will be developed, genre, subgenre, and then, depending on the skill of your employees, these games will have graphics, gameplay, sound, and fun better or worse.

The idea is to become the biggest company in the gaming world, and even launch its own console. I admit that I’ve spent a lot of time playing this game and that it was worth every second.

Stardew Valley

The farm game has been around since the early days of the gaming world, but Stardew Valley is by far the best of them. In it, you must do exactly the same as the others, that is, make your little farm prosper.

For this reason, the game could already be extremely addictive and time consuming, but the tasks that the game gives you also add a lot to the gameplay, such as being able to get married, develop the city around your farm and so on.

I know a lot of people with hundreds of hours of Stardew Valley, and if you start playing, you can be sure you’ll join that group too.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings the best ideas from the franchise and elevates them even further, with the quality that only Nintendo has. The graphics and soundtrack are super nice and match perfectly with the gameplay, which in turn is simple to understand and a lot of fun while being casual. AND

despite having minor problems that can frustrate the player at certain times, the game is still a unique experience that deserves the investment of tens of hours to create your perfect island.

The game is certainly one of those addictive and keeps you playing week after week. Check out more in our game review.

Civilization VI

Civilization VI is the pinnacle of Firaxis strategy games so far, and it will certainly be the kind of game that will make you spend not one but several afternoons playing “just one more turn” to see if you can finish annexing the Empire Persian or some other great adversary who stands before your civilization.

In the game, you choose a people and you must move towards world supremacy, making allies and enemies, discovering new technologies, making improvements in your cities, and pleasing your own people to avoid revolts.

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