How to Make Books in Minecraft

Keepers of knowledge about spells and enchantments — these are the Books in Minecraft. Through them, it is possible to build a table of enchantments and improve various items such

How to make an anvil in Minecraft

In Minecraft, anvils are tools that are used to repair the durability of items and even enchant them. However, they are also a little more complicated to build when compared

How to Make concrete in Minecraft

Who likes to innovate in the constructions of the Minecraft you have certainly used wool to have more colorful places. However, the material is flammable and is easily destroyed. There

How to Make potions in Minecraft

Potions are some of the most important items for explorers of Minecraft. With them, exploration, mining, and even combat activities become even more dynamic for those who venture into the

How to Make smooth stone in Minecraft

One of the funniest aspects of Minecraft is finding beautiful and different resources for buildings. The more you explore, the more different blocks are accumulated, especially the stones. They are

How to Put skins in Minecraft

Put skins in Minecraft It’s as simple as downloading the game and exploring the open-world survival sandbox by Mojang Studios. Learn in this tutorial how to change the skin on

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

Warm, cozy, and also your biggest protection against monsters at night, these are beds in Minecraft. Building a bed is essential during your journey through the game because sleeping allows

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Knowing how to tame a horse in Minecraft it’s an important process, and highly recommended when you need to travel to distant biomes, as it’s one of the fastest ground

How to Make a brick in Minecraft

If you’re looking for protection with a touch of style, then knowing how to make a brick in Minecraft It is an excellent option for you. The material is the

How to Make a ladder in Minecraft

See the step by step and discover how to make a ladder in Minecrafta construction that will allow you to walk up quickly and, unlike the “Jump” action, it doesn’t

How to make charcoal in Minecraft

Learning how to make charcoal in Minecraft it serves as an alternative to the common one and even though it is not difficult to find charcoal in nature, the abundance

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All Elden Ring endings explained

Elden Ring, like many other From Software games, features multiple endings for players to discover. Each ending revolves around helping a specific NPC, and has you putting the Midlands in

How to get Basalt in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Basalt is one of the countless blocks that the game makes available to the player. However, getting this block can be quite a challenge if you don’t know

How to get Hewn Sandstone in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Sliced ​​Sandstone is a different version of Sandstone, with a different look that might please players depending on the projects they have in mind. So we at CodioDesk

How to get Andesite in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Andesite is a block very similar to stone. It turns out that finding this specific block is much more complicated than finding a stone in the game. So

How to Make Scaffolding in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Scaffolding is a block used as a building structure to help the player reach higher places, or descend safely, without taking fall damage. Therefore, we can say that

How to make an Aqueduct in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the Aqueduct is an item that provides players with Protection from the Sea against hostile aquatic creatures. So we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we

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In Minecraft, you can use Honeycomb to your advantage to make various blocks and specific items. However, many players have no idea how to obtain this item. So we at

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How to Make a Chain in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can make your base one with a more sinister theme using the chain (or several of them)! However, some players don’t know how to make this item.

How to make a Lamp in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can make your base one with a more sinister theme using chains and one (or more) Lampião! However, some players don’t know how to make this item.

Where to find Patches in Elden Ring

Patches is a recurring character in From Software’s games, and in Elden Ring it couldn’t be different, as he is an interesting NPC that will make you angry, check below

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Season 4 of Warzone brought the new HARP killstreak to the game, and here in this post we’ll teach you how to get it! The HARP killstreak came into play

Where To Find Goats in Minecraft

Recently added to Minecraft, the goats are neutral creatures that can be found mainly in the biome of mountains, With your spawn being more frequent near peaks and at high

How to get a Flint in Minecraft

In Minecraft, one item that many people have a hard time getting initially is Flint, and in today’s guide, we will teach you how to get it and everything you

How to Buy Minecoins In Minecraft

The so-called Minecoins are the best way to buy packages and skins in the Minecraft market. That’s because, with this currency, you can avoid paying absurd prices for various items

How to Make Suspicious Stew In Minecraft

In Minecraft, there’s Suspicious Stew, which will be exactly as with any other meals. But, there’s a possibility it will have a negative influence on the participant (for instance, zombie