How to Stream Netflix on Discord

Gathered friends on a call and want to know how to stream Netflix on Discord? Well, it’s important to know some information and take some precautions when broadcasting a movie

How to use VPN on Netflix

Discovering how to use a VPN on Netflix is ​​an alternative to trying to access the international catalog of the streaming service and watch content that is not available in

How to Put the Invite Code in Kwai

It is necessary to know how to put the invitation code in the Kwai to participate in platform promotions and benefits. The short videos app allows you to earn money

How to Make Montage With Videos in Kwai

Kwai (Android l iOS) has released an editing feature that allows you to create dynamic montages with videos. The novelty comes to make life easier for the user, who only

How to Delete Videos in Kwai

If you posted a video on Kwai and regretted it, know that you can easily delete it through the app. The short video social network, which has a format similar

How to recover your Kwai account

Kwai (Android | iOS) is a video app that is very similar to TikTok and is very successful due to its cash bonus system. If you use the app and,

How to block downloading videos on Kwai

Kwai (Android l iOS) is a video platform with a format similar to TikTok that has attracted the attention of users for its cash promotions. Over time, the applications have

How to reload WINDTRE: all methods

As you surely know, especially if you own a SIM from the same operator, Wind and TRE have joined their forces to create a new mobile line, that is WINDTRE.

How to edit videos in YouTube Studio

See how to edit videos in YouTube Studio, a platform system that makes life easier for content creators by allowing the user to edit, configure and view information about the

How to Uninstall YouTube App

You may have already noticed that Android phones come with YouTube installed by default. In addition to it, other Google apps are also present. And if you want to know

How to Delete a YouTube Video

Deleting a YouTube video is as simple a task as publishing new content on the platform. Any video hosted on your channel can be deleted with just a few clicks,

How to update YouTube App

Just like the other apps on your smartphone, updating YouTube guarantees the best user experience, since it will run the latest version made available by Google. This makes the platform

How to Record videos in YouTube Studio

In YouTube Studio, creators can manage their channels very easily. There you can analyze data, edit videos, start live streams, monetize content and much more. In addition, using YouTube creator

How to Save YouTube videos

It is helpful to know how to save YouTube videos. If you can’t watch the content at the moment, send it to the “Watch later” playlist and quickly access a

How YouTube Kids Works

YouTube Kids is the version of the video platform adapted for children. Providing only children’s content, it allows parents to control the activity and type of video consumed by children.

How to Create a YouTube account

Here’s how to create an account on YouTube, Google’s popular video platform where users can post their own content and watch various categories of videos. Access to the platform is

How to Enable Dark Mode in YouTube

YouTube is one of the internet services where you can turn on dark mode, either to make the viewing a little more pleasant or just to lessen the reflection of

How to create a playlist on YouTube

You can create a YouTube playlist to separate videos into a single playlist. This feature, present on YouTube and YouTube Music, is very useful for separating content from a single

How to rent movies on YouTube

Want to know how to rent movies on YouTube? The video platform has an extensive catalogue with releases and classic works, ideal for those who want to plan a movie

How to cancel Youtube Premium

Before charging any user fees, YouTube Premium, the paid version of the video platform, allows you to test everything the platform offers for a month to make the decision whether

How to create a YouTube channel

If you are interested in producing video content for the internet, it is interesting to know how to create a YouTube channel. After all, this has been one of the

How to add a cover on YouTube channel

Knowing how to put a YouTube channel cover helps reinforce your page’s visual identity. The video platform allows you to customize your own channel with a banner, which can include

How to download videos on YouTube

The feature of downloading videos on YouTube has been desired by users of the platform for many years. After many years, the tool has finally arrived, but in the paid

How to Run YouTube in background

It’s possible leave youtube in the background while you do another task on your cell phone. The feature is valid either for keeping the audio of a video playing without

How to block videos on YouTube

Learning how to block videos on YouTube can be the alternative if you want to get rid of unwanted content on the Google website. It can also serve as a

How to Buy Movies on YouTube

YouTube has always been great for tracking user-created content, but you can also watch movies on it. See how to buy movies on YouTube and enjoy your favourite movies on

How to create a private YouTube account

As with other social networks, YouTube (Android | iOS | Web) allows you to make privacy changes to your account. You can prevent others from seeing your channel subscriptions, hide

How to Download YouTube Go

For those who like to watch videos on their cell phones, but use slower connections, an alternative is to download YouTube Go. The version of the YouTube application was designed

How to Create YouTube Shorts

Learn how to create YouTube Shorts, a platform tool that allows anyone to record video of up to 60 seconds, directly from their cell phone. It’s a different way content

How to change YouTube channel name

Knowing how to rename your YouTube channel is very important, especially if you are going through a process of revamping your content (or rebranding it), and want to make it

How to Crop a YouTube video

Discovering how to crop a youtube video can be a great solution for content creators. That’s because the video streaming platform offers some free tools for editing. Such features allow

How to Remove ads from YouTube

How to remove ads from youtube is a common question among users of the video platform. The emergence of some bugs over the years allowed us to dodge the advertisements.

How to Add Password on youtube

After all, how to put a password on Youtube? If you want to protect your privacy and avoid prying eyes, it’s important to take precautions. This measure is also interesting

How to set up reminders on YouTube

Do you feel like you spend a lot of time on YouTube sometimes? After all, with so much cool content being produced on the platform, YouTube has taken on new

How to convert HEIC to JPG

In the latest versions of iOS, Apple has decided to change the default format of photos taken via iPhone. It passes from a classic “.Jpg” to a more complex “.HEIC”.

How to make money on YouTube?

Youtube (Android l iOS l Web) is considered by many content creators to be one of the most profitable platforms on the market. Certainly, one of the reasons that generated