How to Buy Movies on YouTube

YouTube has always been great for tracking user-created content, but you can also watch movies on it. See how to buy movies on YouTube and enjoy your favourite movies on your cell phone, or computer or even enjoy all the comfort of the sofa and popcorn combo.

Purchasing a movie is a similar process across all platforms. With the YouTube app, available for Android and iOS, it’s super fast and then you can simply access your account on another device and enjoy, follow along below.

It is also possible to rent, see how to rent movies on YouTube for more information.

Buy movies on YouTube on mobile

  1. Access the app and tap “Explore” in the left corner, below the YouTube logo;
  2. Tap “Movies” to access the catalog;
  3. See recommended movies, best sellers or by genre as you scroll down;
  4. Choose what you want to buy and tap;
  5. Tap “Buy or Rent”;
  6. Choose the option “Buy movie”, check the value and finalize the purchase with the desired payment method.

Buy movies on YouTube via browser

  1. Access the main page of movies on YouTube by clicking here or click on “Movies” in the menu on the left side of the screen when accessing the site;
  2. Choose the movie you want to rent from the lists of genres, releases or recommended;
  3. Then tap on “Buy or Rent” and choose the desired option;
  4. Choose the payment method and finish.

Ready! That way you buy and watch the movie wherever you want, just connect your account and the movie will be in your library.

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