How to change your Discord profile picture

Discord (Android | iOS | Linux | Mac | Windows | Web) is a chat platform that competes with Skype and other similar services. Through it, you can exchange text, audio and video messages. With a very fluid and intuitive interface, Discord offers numerous features and functionality. Incidentally, among the latest updates released, the application has undergone a redesign in some sections. In this tutorial, you will see how to change your profile picture.

The configuration can be done either by the application or by the computer versions. The path, although similar, has significant differences. For this reason, we detail each of the methods below. Check it step by step!

How to change your Discord profile picture

in the app

Step 1: in the app, click on your profile picture, which is in the lower right corner of the screen. Then select the “User Profile” option;

Step 2: now tap the pen symbol to edit it;

Step 3: in the tab that will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, click on “Change avatar”;

Step 4: choose an image from the gallery and adjust it with your fingertips (or the buttons displayed by Discord). When finished, tap on the “Choose” command;

Step 5: Finally, select the “Save” button in the upper right corner.

on the computer

Step 1: on your computer, click the gear icon to access the “Settings” menu. It is positioned at the bottom and left of the screen;

Step 2: on the next page, tap the “Edit Profile” button, highlighted in blue;

Step 3: now, you have two options to change your Discord profile picture. You can use the “Change Avatar” button, positioned on the left of the screen, or the gallery icon, which is on the opposite side;

Step 4: select a new photo and adjust it within the white borders. If you want, use the size bar that is just below the image in this process. After that, click on “Apply”;

Step 5: finalize the configuration by clicking the “Save changes” button.

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