How to create a playlist on YouTube

You can create a YouTube playlist to separate videos into a single playlist. This feature, present on YouTube and YouTube Music, is very useful for separating content from a single theme or channel.

YouTube automatically creates some playlists for your profile. This is the case with the list of videos marked as “Liked” or added to the “Watch later” section. On the other hand, it is also possible to create lists as per your preference. All of your playlists are found in the “Library” section.

Playlists have three different levels of privacy: public, with free access for everyone; unlisted, allowing viewing only by shareable link; and private, which only your profile can access and view. The creation process is very similar on desktop and mobile. See below how to create playlist on YouTube and YouTube Music!

How to create playlist on YouTube

  1. Search for any video on YouTube and select the three dots icon next to the title. Then select “Save to playlist”;
  2. A window will appear. In it, select “New Playlist”;
  3. Then give your playlist a name, choose privacy setting and tap “Create” to finish.

How to add a video to the playlist on YouTube

  1. Open any video and tap “Save”. This option is found during playback or from the three-dot icon on the search screen;
  2. Then select the desired playlist and press “Done”;
  3. To find your playlist, open the “Library” menu on YouTube and find the videos;

How to edit a playlist on YouTube

  1. Open your playlist page. Then select the pencil icon to edit key details;
  2. Then change the name, description and privacy of your list. Tap the arrow to confirm the changes;
  3. Use the two bars icon next to each video to change the playlist order.

To remove a video, select the three dots icon next to each title and tap “Remove”. To delete the playlist, tap the three dots icon at the top of the screen and select “Delete playlist”. If you want to delete the playlist, open it on Youtube and, in the menu with the list of videos, select the three dots icon on the screen. Then select “Delete playlist”.

How to create playlist and add songs in YouTube Music

  1. Go to YouTube Music and select the “Library” tab. Then tap on “Playlists”;
  2. On the next screen, select “New playlist”;
  3. In the next window, give it a name, choose a privacy setting and tap “Create”;
  4. To fill your playlist, open it on the platform and select “Add a song”;
  5. Then use the search to find a song from the YouTube Music catalog;
  6. You can also search for a track, tap on the three dots icon and select the “Add to playlist” option.

Ready! Now you know how to create playlist on YouTube and YouTube Music.

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