How to create a private YouTube account

How to change the privacy of a YouTube account

To access YouTube functions, you need a Google account. Privacy adjustments can only be made after creating the channel, in the settings area, and the procedure is compatible with the browser version and the mobile app. Know how!

Select your profile picture and tap “Your channel”

In the mobile app, tap the icon with your profile picture to open a menu with more options. Then open your channel to find your published videos, created playlists and privacy options. On the computer, this can be done from the “Settings” tab.

Tap “Edit Channel”

The screen with your channel shows your uploads and playlists created on the platform. Check the box to edit and configure your profile.

Tick ​​privacy options

Then the app displays options to hide your subscriptions and saved playlists. Just press the switch to enable these privacy settings on YouTube.

Ready! With these adjustments, subscription and playlist information will not be displayed publicly. To change the privacy of videos uploaded on YouTube, click here and check out the step-by-step guide.

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