How to Create a YouTube account

Creating an account, also free, is quick and provides many benefits. See below for the account creation process and other information.

How to create a YouTube account

Creating a YouTube account is actually creating a Google account, which is mandatory to access the platform. When creating, the user has access to a world of options through the many systems that Google has, such as Gmail, Meet, Play Store and others.

Access the YouTube app (Android | iOS) and follow the steps below to see how to create your account.

  1. Tap the app icon and tap the top right corner, the profile icon and click “Add account”;
  2. You will be taken to a browser window, tap on “Create Account”;
  3. Fill in the necessary data;
  4. Choose one of the options offered by Google or create your own Gmail address;
  5. Finish the process and return to the application.

Benefits of a YouTube account

The user who creates a YouTube account actively participates in the platform, having access to:

  • Like and comment on the videos you watch on the platform;
  • Subscribe to content creator channels;
  • Earn recommendations on the YouTube homepage based on what you watch;
  • Allows you to post videos on YouTube if you want to create content on the platform.

How to become Premium on YouTube

Users who have a YouTube account can also opt for the Premium account, which has more features such as:

  • Continue listening to the video even with the app closed;
  • Perform other activities on the cell phone and keep YouTube running on a small screen;
  • Download videos;
  • Access to YouTube Music Premium.

To become Premium, see the step by step below!

  1. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner;
  2. Tap “Subscribe to YouTube Premium”;
  3. Click “Free Trial” to get two months access to YouTube Premium;
  4. Choose the payment method and complete.

In this way, users create a YouTube account, allowing many internal actions, subscribing to the paid version of the platform and also using the entire Google universe with the same access.

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