How to create a YouTube channel

Creating a Youtube channel is an easy task. But first of all, the user needs a Google account. If you are not yet registered, the CodioDesk teaches you how to take your first steps.

1. To get started, go to Youtube (Android l iOS l Web) and with your Google account, log in. Click on the profile icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and select the command “Create a channel”;

2. Next, upload a profile picture and enter the channel name. Finally, tap “Create channel” again.

Incidentally, the application also allows you to create a YouTube channel. The process, by the way, is identical to the one you just got to know. The version, however, has very limited configuration possibilities. Therefore, it is preferable that you carry out the process by computer.

How to customize a Youtube channel

With a new channel in hand, it’s time to customize it. To do so, open the menu again and choose the option “Your channel”. On the next screen, then, select the “Custom channel” command at the top of the page.

With this, you will be directed to Youtube Studio, a space dedicated to the platform’s content creators. By the way, if you want to produce videos for the website, it is essential that you know how to use the tool. Fortunately, CodioDesk has a guide on how to use YouTube Creator Studio.

1. On the left side, click on “Personalization”. At the top of the screen, use the commands indicated to add a trailer (preview of content) for non-subscribers and, for subscribers, a highlight video. On this screen, you can even create sections to organize your clip library;

2. To proceed, click on the “Branding” tab. If desired, upload a new profile image of at least 98 x 98 pixels in GIF or PNG format. Below, add an image to the banner up to 6MB at 2048 x 1152 pixels. Finally, submit a watermark for videos up to 1MB and 150 x 150 pixels;

3. Proceed to the “Basic Information” tab. Finally, edit the channel name (if necessary), create a description, add a language for the channel, link external links and provide a contact email.

How resources are released by Youtube

The higher the number of subscribers, the more resources the content creator receives. With 100 subscriptions, you can edit your channel URL. Upon reaching 1,000, the user has access to the “Community” tab.

If, in addition, the channel has accumulated more than 4,000 hours of videos in the last 12 months, the following tools are still available: Super Chat, subscriptions, the inclusion of an external link on cards and on the final screen of the clips, as well as monetization with adverts.

Youtube Stories and Youtube Space events arrive with 10,000 subscribers. Finally, when the user reaches the 100,000 milestones, they receive expert support, can apply for the verified badge, and even get a commemorative plaque. If you want to understand how to release extra functions on Youtube, the CodioDesk also teaches you.

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