How to create Berserk Guts in the Elden Ring


From Software games have a lot of references to Berserk and Elden Ring is no different, today we are going to show you how to cosplay Guts in the game and where to find the necessary armor and weapons for this.

Elden Ring – How to create Berserk Guts in the game

Arguably the most important step to being Guts in Elden Ring is acquiring Blaidd’s gear. He is Ranni’s elite half-wolf bodyguard and also the character who pays a lot of homage to Guts.

Players will have to finish this side quest to fight Blaidd and make him drop his armor upon killing him. You can see here how to do the star finale, which is the mission you need to do to get his armor.

Elden Ring - Walkthrough and order of bosses

One cannot cosplay Guts without his signature weapon, which is the Dragonslayer sword. The closest to this in Elden Ring is the mighty Greatsword, which is a Colossal Sword that scales in Strength (make sure you meet the 31 Strength and 12 Dexterity requirements).

Just head northwest from caelid and look for a caravan. The Greatsword is located in a chest at the back of this caravan. She will be protected by several giant dogs, you can clear the area or just grab the sword and run away.