How to Create multiple YouTube channels

The main purpose of this feature is to make managing channels easier as you can control them through a single login. Also, it is not necessary for the channels to address the same subject.

How to have more than one YouTube channel using the same account

Go to YouTube settings

From the YouTube homepage, open the side menu using the three-line icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, just below the channels, you follow, go to “Settings”.

Select the option to create or add a channel

Under “Your YouTube channel”, go to “Create a new channel”. Note that if you already have one or more channels created in the same account, there will be an option to “Add or manage channels”.

Give your new channel a name

On the next screen, it’s time to set the name of the new channel. You can enter a name of up to 100 characters. If the name is available, now just check the box indicating that you agree with the creation of the new channel. Finally, click on “Create”.

Manage channels with your Google account

Channels are saved in your Google account and can be accessed using the three-line icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then going to “Settings”. There will be the option “Add or manage channels”, and this is where you access which channel you want to follow or make changes to.

If you want to create a new channel, just use the option “+ Create a channel”. Remember that this is the way to add new channels to your existing YouTube account.

Simple, isn’t it? Now that you have learned how to create multiple YouTube channels using a single account, it will certainly be easier to know what to post on each of them, without having to memorize logins and passwords for more than one Google account.

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