How to Create YouTube Shorts

Learn how to create YouTube Shorts, a platform tool that allows anyone to record video of up to 60 seconds, directly from their cell phone. It’s a different way content creators can interact with their community.

Anyone can make a YouTube Shorts. Creation only requires users to access the YouTube app and navigate through the menu at the bottom of the app. Check out CodioDesk’s tutorial below on how to start recording with the new short videos feature on YouTube.

How to make a YouTube Shorts

YouTube Short format

  • Maximum 60 seconds
  • It is not mandatory to have sound;
  • Video can be paused and resumed at will;
  • Video recorded vertically.

Creating a Shorts

There are two ways to create a Short: the first is to upload a video from your mobile device, remember the time limit. Another way is through the creation tools. Access the YouTube app on your Android or iOS and follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the app and tap the new content icon, the “+” in the bottom menu;
  2. Tap “Upload a video” or “Create a Short”;
  3. Choose the desired time, 15 seconds or 60 and once recorded, touch the check in the lower right corner;
  4. Edit as you wish and tap “Next”;
  5. Name and caption your short, then tap “Submit Short”.

YouTube Shorts Editing Tools

pause and resume

YouTube Shorts is a form of content creation that gives the user a lot of freedom when recording. It is possible to start recording by holding the icon and, when releasing it, pause. When you want, you can record another part, everything is saved in a single Short.

Time control

Another function that users can apply to YouTube videos for Shorts is control of time, alignment, speed and other options, right after the video recording is finished.

Insert texts

Users can add text, and edit it, after recording a Short. To do this, just click on “Text” in the lower menu and write what you want, in addition to changing size, font and color. In addition, it is possible to select where the text and the period in which the text will appear, just click on “Timeline” and control that section.


You can choose audio from the YouTube library to give Short a fun effect. When inserting a song, or audio from another user, it is possible to adjust it, selecting the excerpt you want to place in the video. When finished, just tap “Done”.

It is worth mentioning that it is possible to use audio created by users, however, the user can delete it at any time, if this happens, your Short remains on the air, but without sound. It can’t be said too much, beware of music that may contain copyright.

In this way, it is possible to create YouTube Shorts, making the most of what the tool has to offer.

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