How to Display a Spotify song on your Discord profile

Those who used MSN Messenger remember that it was possible to display the music they were listening to at that moment. While the messenger has ceased to exist, other platforms have taken its place and bring similar functions. This is the case with Discord (Android | iOS | Linux | macOS | Windows), which can show which song is being played on the user’s Spotify.

For this, it is necessary to link Discord and Spotify accounts through the communication app. In addition to seeing what their online friends are listening to, Spotify Premium subscribers can start a joint session. Here’s how to connect Spotify to your Discord profile and showcase your music!

How to display a Spotify song on Discord profile

Step 1: open Discord settings and select the “Connections” option. The procedure can be done in mobile and desktop versions;

Step 2: Then select “Add”;

Step 3: choose Spotify from the available options;

Step 4: a tab will open in the browser. Log in with your Spotify account;

Step 5: authorize access between accounts. Then a confirmation message will be displayed;

Step 6: return to discord. To display the songs heard, check the two available options;

Step 7: if you are using it on mobile, you need to open Spotify settings and activate the “Streaming status” option;

Step 8: your contacts will be able to see, through Discord, what song is playing on your Spotify profile.

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