How to download videos on YouTube

To access this possibility and other exclusive advantages, it is necessary to pay BRL 20.90 per month. This is the value of the individual plan, which has a student version of R$ 12.50 per month. There is also the “Family” mode, which allows you to add up to five users for R$31.90.

The subscription, by the way, gives you access to YouTube Music Premium, the service’s music streaming. By the way, subscribers can also use Youtube Kids and, in the app, download videos.

In the YouTube app (subscribers only)

Getting back to the point, the process of downloading content from the platform is quite simple; but there are some details that you need to know before knowing the step by step.

This tool is only available on the mobile version of the platform — at least for now. Recently, the download of videos in the browser was released in the testing phase. The novelty was short-lived, but subscribers should soon receive the official feature. Now that you have this information, we can go step by step on how to download videos from Youtube (Android l iOS l Web).

  1. Access the app and enter the video you want to download. Among the buttons below the playback screen, click “Download”. At the end of the process, you will not be flagged, but there is a way to find out if it was successful;
  2. To find out if the video is available offline, go to the “Library” and enter the “Downloads” tab. There will be all the clips you downloaded;
  3. To remove some, just click on the three dots button and the command “Exclude from downloads”.

Premium subscribers can also choose the quality of downloaded videos. The option is in the “Background and Downloads” tab, located in the “Settings” menu. On this screen, it is also possible to determine whether the process is done on Wi-Fi or on the mobile network, as well as other adjustments.

How to download on YouTube Go

Another possibility to download content from the platform is with the Youtube Go application (Android), which is an application aimed more at downloads than consumption. As a result, it is not possible to like or comment on the videos.

By the way, due to the “lean” interface, the step-by-step is also simpler. This option, while limited, is entirely free. Unfortunately, the program is only compatible with some Android devices.

  1. Search for the content you want to download and click on it;
  2. Then decide the video quality (data saving, standard quality or high quality). Finally, click on the “Download” command;
  3. To access all clips, select the “Saved” tab at the bottom of the screen.

Is it still possible to download videos from external websites?

One of the best-known practices among YouTube users is downloading from external sites — which, in general, have dubious interfaces and are filled with inconvenient advertisements. In addition, the lifespan of these sites is short: as new options appear, dozens more are taken down.

In addition to putting your device at risk, since these pages can contain viruses, the practice is a result of piracy. Google has even managed to take down several of these sites. This happened, for example, with

Other victims of the company were,, EasyLoad and YouTube-MP3. Some of these feelings were carried out by extrajudicial means and others by judicial decision.

With Google surveillance, it is likely to become more and more difficult to download Youtube videos through this medium. The truth is that the siege is closing both for the sites and for the users who are adept at them. In the absence of willingness to pay for Youtube Premium, at least some people can still turn to Youtube Go.

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