How to download YouTube videos on Mac

Anyone who has thought, at least once, of download a full video from YouTube. As you well know, however, at the moment it is not possible to do this, except through a subscription to YouTube Premium (with all the appropriate limits). But today we will try to get around those limits and download any YouTube video, using some free programs for Mac and some equally functional web interface.

Download YouTube videos with Mac online

The first procedures we will see are probably also the most immediate but with fewer options available. Let’s talk about some websites capable of converting any YouTube video and download it inside the Mac.


noTube is one of the most popular and easy to use online converters. In fact, already in the first screen, a classic will be presented text bar in which to paste the URL of the video concerned. Once done, selecting the item “MP3” on its right, you can choose the format you want to download. To convert everything then, all you need to do is click on the button “OK” and then download the movie.

Alternatively, within the same search bar, you can enter the keywords to search for the video within the same site.


Also SaveFrom is a very popular website for downloading videos from YouTube, but it has a larger catalog and supports other platforms. The concept is very similar to the previous one, it will be enough to paste the URL of the movie into its search bar and immediately click on “Download”.

The only real difference is that the download format will only appear after pasting and searching for the video to download.

Download YouTube videos with Mac programs

The second very useful method to complete our purpose is based on the use of free programs available on the web.


ClipGrab is a free converter that can support downloading videos from dozens of different platforms, including YouTube of course. Its main screen is quite simple, as it is divided into four macro-categories: Search, Downloads, Settings and About.

The section of our greatest interest is the one dedicated to “Downloads”. In fact, by accessing it, the classic text bar will appear, in which you will need to enter the URL of the video to download. Then you can choose the quality and type of conversion to use from the settings below. To start the download, simply click on “Download this clip!”.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to search within the same program, all you need to do is do it through the category “Near”.

4K Video Downloader

One of the best alternatives to ClipGrab is 4K video Downloader, which is also compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok and many other streaming services. To use it just click on “Paste link” at the top left and obviously enter the URL of the video concerned. At this point a new window will open, useful for changing all the download parameters. Once the format choice phase has been completed, all you need to do is click on “Download” and wait.

4K Video Downloader has a free version that limits the download to only 25 clips per playlist and a paid version (about 10 euros) that removes any limitations.


We close the list with JDownloader, one of the most complete and best services for downloading content from the web. This is not limited to videos, it supports downloads from hundreds of online platforms. It probably turns out to be superfluous for our purpose too, but it’s still worth considering.

Once opened, just access the section “Capture” and of course, paste the URL of the video to download. The service will automatically recognize it as belonging to YouTube and allow it to be downloaded through the button “Play” button at the top left.

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