How to download YouTube videos on mobile

Youtube users (Android l iOS l Web) have, since the beginning, a vast collection of hacks to download videos from the platform. However, with the launch of the YouTube Premium subscription service, the company made some special benefits available to subscribers. Among them is the possibility to download content through the application.

The tool is quite simple and intuitive. However, you may not yet know how to use it. Below, we explain the step-by-step instructions for downloading YouTube videos on mobile. With this, you will be able to watch these contents even without an internet connection. For more details on YouTube Premium, visit the article below for pricing and features:

How to download YouTube videos on mobile

Step 1: with the Youtube app open, access the video you want to download;

Step 2: done, click on “Download”. Wait for it to load and that’s it! By the way, through the “Downloads” tab of the app, you can see all the downloaded videos. To access it, just enter the “Library” and then click on “Saved”.

Ready! Now you know how to download Youtube videos on mobile with a Premium subscription.

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