How to easily defeat Margit in Elden Ring

Margit is one of the first big bosses the player will face in Elden Ring, so check here for a complete guide on how to defeat him.

Elden Ring – How to easily defeat Margit

Acquiring the Wolf Spirits in Elleh Church is a crucial step in defeating this boss. It is a summon spirit that consumes FP and calls three wolves to fight alongside the player. Each wolf has its own health bar that appears on the left side of the screen. They are great for distracting Margit, which helps players land a few hits on the boss as he fights the wolves.

Players using magic or bows need to take advantage of ranged attacks. Margit tends to have an unexpected set of moves and is surprisingly agile. Melee users will suffer a bit from this fight in Elden Ring. Before facing this boss, make sure you equip tank armor, like the Crucible set. After that, abuse the heavy jump attack while the wolves distract Margit, so you won’t have so much trouble.