How to edit videos in YouTube Studio

See how to edit videos in YouTube Studio, a platform system that makes life easier for content creators by allowing the user to edit, configure and view information about the videos at any time, even after the publication has been made.

There are some differences between the mobile and browser versions of YouTube Studio. The application is best suited for those who want practicality when editing video information after it has been published. While the browser allows simple edits.

How to edit video in YouTube Studio

by cell phone

YouTube Studio (Android | iOS) is extremely easy to use. As soon as the user opens the application, he has access to all the videos on his profile, to know how to post videos on YouTube from his cell phone, take a look at this text that we have prepared.

It is worth mentioning that the process that you will follow below is the same for Videos, Live or Shorts. Have the app on your cell phone and follow along below.

  1. Go to “Content” at the bottom of the screen and choose the video you want to edit;
  2. Tap the three dots and then “Edit Video”;
  3. Here the user can edit the description, visibility, comments;
  4. By clicking on the pencil icon in the upper left corner, you can change the video thumbnail, or place a custom one.

In addition to editing the information of the videos through the app, the user can also control the views and interactions that the video received. See below how.

  1. In the “Content” option, select the video you want to get information;
  2. Tap on the video and basic information of “Analytics” will appear, select “See More”;
  3. See the publication data by navigating to the bar at the top wherever you are.

By the computer

When accessing YouTube Studio through the browser, the user will be in the “Channel Dashboard”, similar to the mobile version. Follow the steps below to see how to edit the video.

  1. Click content in the left corner to and choose a video you want to edit;
  2. Click on the “Pencil” next to the thumbnail and select “Details”;
  3. In this area the user can change the video information;
  4. Go to “Editor” in the left corner again;
  5. Make the edits you want and click “Save”.

The browser version allows editing, it’s true, but due to its simplicity, it loses when compared to the practicality that the YouTube Studio application allows, being able to check data and edit information from wherever you are.

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