How to find maps easily in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you must find the maps for each region so that its automap is properly completed.

In today’s post, we teach you a trick to make your life easier when looking for them.

How to find the maps easily in Elden Ring

To find the maps for a region that you have not yet completed, you must open the automap generated by the game and then look for the inverted U-shaped icon, as the image below shows:

Elden Ring - How to find maps easily

Arriving at the place, you will notice a sign with an item for you to pick up, as the image shows:

Just pick it up and you’ll get the region map. In all new regions, the map always stays at this location indicated on the map and is also always located in this same structure.

The game doesn’t tell you that, but I’m glad we’re here to explain how to get maps easily in Elden Ring, isn’t it?

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series S and X. Don’t forget to check out our other posts and videos about the game too!