How to find the Wraith-Calling Bell (Summon Creatures) In Elden Ring


In Elden Ring, it is possible to summon creatures to facilitate your combat against bosses and groups of enemies, but for that, you will need the item Apparition Bell, how do you go about finding this item?

In today’s post, we bring the answer to that.

How to find the Apparition Calling Bell in Elden Ring

In order to find the bell, you must first of all have obtained Torrent, the Horse, that is, have already activated the grace of Front of the Gate.

After that, all you have to do is head to Elleh’s Church (if you haven’t faced the Sentry mounted yet, you can bypass it without getting into combat).

Upon entering this church, a witch will catch your eye. Talk to her and then she will ask you if you can Torrent Summon.

Answer yes and you’ll earn the Wraith-Calling Bell item along with the Lone Wolf’s Ashes.

Elden Ring - How to find the Wraith-Calling Bell (Summon Creatures)
Elden Ring Map – Playback: Eric Arraché/CodioDesk

How to use the Apparition Calling Bell

To use the Wraith-Calling Bell item, you need to equip or use one of the Ashes such as the Lone Wolf’s Ashes, which you receive from the witch from your inventory.

Doing the summon consumes Mana points, and you can only do one summon per combat, but they help a lot when facing bosses, as they distract the opponent while you can sneak attacks.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series S and X.