How to get an In-Game Eliters in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can use an Elliter to glide around the map, moving great distances in a short amount of time. It turns out that many players don’t know how to get this item. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to get an Eliter in Minecraft!

How to get an Eliter in Minecraft

First of all, know that the manufacture of this item is not possible. That is, you need to find it in the game. That said, be aware that Elytra can only be found on boats moored in the cities of the End. The item is kept in a frame on each ship, which is guarded by a Shulker. In addition to Éliters, on these boats you can find two more chests ready to be looted!

That said, we concluded that the hardest part of obtaining an Éliters is getting to the End. After all, this process takes a long time. But once there, finding this item should be a piece of cake!

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