How to get HARP killstreak Warzone

Season 4 of Warzone brought the new HARP killstreak to the game, and here in this post we’ll teach you how to get it! The HARP killstreak came into play as part of the Ground Fall event, where satellites can be found across the map. It’s not yet known if this killstreak will remain in the game after the event, but we do know that it shows enemy locations on the map for 90 seconds, so it comes in handy!

How to get HARP killstreak in Warzone

To get the HARP killstreak, players will need to complete a satellite uplink at one of the locations on the map. They are scattered across the map as part of the Ground Fall event. Once the player completes his connection to the Sat-Link station, he will be rewarded with a lot of high-quality items and HARP.

We recommend that you try to complete these Sat-Links anyway, as the event features unique challenges that will reward players with special cosmetic items. The HARP killstreak is just one of the limited benefits of participating in Warzone’s Ground Fall event.

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