How to Get the Best Ending in Voice of Cards

Despite having different outcomes, you can still achieve the best ending in Voice of Cards. In Square Enix’s RPG game, you can finish in one of the four available endings, although the choice of which ending will be yours is made at the last minute.

If you want to check out all the possibilities, however, you’ll have to defeat the boss four times. All four outcomes are worth it, but there is one that is considered the best ending in Voice of Cards, among all. To unlock it, just follow the steps below!

Best Ending in Voice of Cards

voice of cards best ending

Once you’ve defeated the final boss in the game, the Ivory Order Trio will give Ash the last drop of Dragontear. Now, he has a choice: should he heal the dragon, give the drop to Mar or give the drop to Melanie? You will have to choose one of these three options, having to give preference to the dragon, which is providing medicine for the whole continent, Ash’s twin sister or Ash’s friend.

However, there is a fourth possibility – but you will have to work a little to get it. Follow it below.

All Mystery Voice of Cards

To get the best ending of the game, called “Wish for Everything”, you must first collect all the mysterious cards. There are 10 cards in total, each located in a different part of the game.

  • Mystery Letter 1: Located on Nexton. Help the lady when you get to Apothecary.
  • Mystery Card 2: Look for this letter in Thriceton. Help the stinking man.
  • Mystery Letter 3: Talk to Ridis’ mother after helping with the fire at home.
  • Mystery Letter 4: Help the old man near the well in Woodland.
  • Mystery Letter 5: Help the goblin in Unionville by giving him a balm for his flowers.
  • Mysterious Letter 6: A woman in Shoreland had her medicine stolen, but the woman who stole it needs it for her child. Let the woman get this letter.
  • Mysterious Letter 7: In a treasure chest in Advent.
  • Mysterious Letter 8: Give the sobbing man with a long history a remedy in Vila dos Doentes.
  • Mysterious Letter 9: On level 2 of the Volcano.
  • Mysterious Letter 10: On level 3 of the Mausoleum.

Once all the cards are collected, you will be able to unlock the best possible ending to the plot. In this ending, you make a wish with Dragontear, and Sea is transformed, Melanie is transformed and Dragon is restored. The queen takes over medicine production and the Ivory Order is dissolved.

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