How to get the Respect emote in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you can use the Respect emote to give your character even more life. It turns out that many players don’t know how to get this act. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to get the Respect emote in Lost Ark!

How to get the Respect emote in Lost Ark

To unlock the Respect Emote in Lost Ark, players must progress through the main campaign and reach level 50. More specifically, they must complete the final North Vern story quest, “Ealyn’s Gift”. During this quest, Lost Ark players must return to Vern Castle and report to Queen Ealyn about Sigmund. Naturally, the Queen can be found in her courtroom. After discussing the player’s quest for the Ark, Ealyn will provide the Respect Emote as a reward.

Lost Ark Respect emote

To achieve the “Ealyn’s Gift” quest, Lost Ark players must complete all regional quests up to level 50, including quests from Rethramis, Yudia, West Luterra, East Luterra, Tortoyk, Anikka, and Arthetine. Along with the Respect Emote, fans will also receive the following as a reward:

  • 78,000 XP
  • 258 Roster XP
  • 90x Guardian Stone Fragment
  • 5x Harmony Leapstone
  • 288x Silver
  • 168x Harmony Shard.

Lost Ark is an isometric camera action MMORPG. Those who have played Diablo will never feel quite at home. There are 15 different classes to choose from, each with totally different abilities, animations and mechanics.

Lost Ark is available exclusively for PC via Steam.