How to get the Serenade of Love in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, Serenade of Love is the sheet music that players will need to complete some activities and increase their Rapport with some Arkesia NPCs. It turns out that many players don’t know how to get this item. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to get the Serenade of Love in Lost Ark!

How to get the Serenade of Love in Lost Ark

The Love Serenade is received as a quest reward for completing “Relationship Guru”, the fourth part of a series of Level 50 quests starting in Liebeheim. While players can travel to this location with their ship, they cannot progress through the third segment of the questline, “Fatal Attraction”, which requires players to travel to the Frozen Sea. For those who don’t know, the Frozen Sea serves as the port of Shushire, the icy region north of Arkesia. Players cannot access this area until they complete “Ealyn’s Gift”, the end of the North Vern questline. Queen Ealyn will grant players an upgraded ship during this quest, allowing them to traverse the icy waters north of Shushire.

After receiving Ealyn’s gift and gaining access to Shushire, players can begin their adventure to acquire the Lost Ark Love Serenade like the previous songs – by completing a quest. “The Light of Love”, the first prerequisite quest for “Relationship Guru”, can be received from an NPC named Zenri on Liebeheim Island. After going through some dialogue, Lost Ark players will receive “A Good Day to Love”, tasking them with traveling to Aiwana Island, located southeast of Liebeheim.

finding the serenade

After meeting with Handsome Ronald and talking to several women on vacation, the adventurers must head to the Frozen Sea in Shushire to continue the quest line. Here, players will chat with more experts on behalf of Zenri. Once players save a local villager from various thieves, they will finally be able to accept “Relationship Guru”, another quest in Lost Ark, from an NPC named Ladies’ Man Mark.

Lost Ark Serenade Amor
Accepting the Relationship Guru Quest – Playback: Lost Ark

Next, Lost Ark players will travel to Runaways Island in search of a legendary relationship expert named Nova. After several lines of dialogue, players will write Nova’s teachings and send them back to Zenri in a letter. Once that’s done, head back to Liebeheim and talk to Zenri to complete the quest. For their efforts, adventurers will receive 29,000 silver, four material chests, and the Love Serenade.

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