How to get the Taunt emote in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you can use the Taunt emote to taunt other players or even common enemies to appear more intimidating and cool. It turns out that many players don’t know how to get this act. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to get the Taunt emote in Lost Ark!

How to get the Taunt emote in Lost Ark

This emote is obtained by trading with a merchant on Freedom Isle, an island located east of the Tempest Seas and close to Anikka. Players will need to unlock boat trips to reach this location, a resource acquired during the Lost Ark main story quest, “Set Sail!”. This quest marks the end of the questline in East Luterra, the fourth region of the main campaign.

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As the Taunt emote is not tied to any specific side quests in Lost Ark, players have no additional requirements to travel to Freedom Isle and obtain the emote. On the other hand, the Emote will cost Lost Ark fans a specific coin. Once you reach the island entrance, head up the docks towards the upper left corner of the map. Here, players can enter a building known as the Captain’s Quarters. Inside, Lost Ark players can find Blackfang, who sells various rare items, one of which is the Taunt emote. To make the exchange, players will need 3,360 Gienah’s Coins.

Gienah’s Coins is one of the variants of Voyage Coins, a currency that different merchants use depending on the region they are located in. Another way to get Gienah’s Coins and other travel coins is by acquiring High Seas Coin Chests. When opening these chests, players will have the option to select ×100 of a specific type of Travel Coin. Deep Sea Coin Chests in Lost Ark can be obtained by completing the plethora of quest chains available on the many islands of the game’s map.

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Once players have acquired enough Gienah’s Coins, they can travel to Blackfandom on Freedom Isle and complete the Emote Taunt purchase. To use the emote, consume the item in the player’s inventory and type “/taunt” in chat. Alternatively, players can open the Community element in Lost Ark at the bottom right of the game hub to find the Emote tab between “Voice Chat” and “Guild”. Pressing the Y key will also access this menu.

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