How to Kill Ender’s Dragon Using Beds in Minecraft

Minecraft’s Ender Dragon can be killed using ordinary beds as explosives. See how to use this unlikely weapon to defeat the iconic boss.

Beds are normally used to skip Minecraft’s treacherous nights and establish a new spawn point, but in the end, they can be used as explosives.

How to Kill Ender’s Dragon with Beds in Minecraft

As the game prohibits the player from establishing a respawn point at the End, trying to use a bed there will cause it to burst into a burst of flame. With humor, this explosion is a fantastic weapon to use against Ender Dragon and is much easier to obtain than TNT.

See some tips on how to kill the dragon using beds

Needless to say, players must enter the mysterious Final dimension fully prepared for the dangers that await them there. Bring armor to defend against attacks, enough food to replenish hunger and heal damage, and most importantly, beds.

Players should bring a large amount of wood and as much wool as they can shear, as a single bed will not be needed to do the job. As beds cannot be stacked in a stock slot, they take up a lot of space, while wood and wool can be stacked up to 64 times. With this in mind, it is advisable to make the beds while in Ender rather than bringing them in already made, as players will have access to more beds to kill the Ender Dragon if they carry the raw materials with them.

On top of the ender pillars are the crystals that regenerate the Ender Dragon’s health when he flies close to them. While it’s possible to defeat the dragon before it has a chance to regain health, getting rid of the crystals early will ensure that damage done to it won’t be undone.

The exit portal that opens when the Ender Dragon is defeated is a monument made of indestructible rock. It’s common to hide out here and use it as a ‘base of operations’ for more than just defensive capabilities. The nearby terrain elevation lines up at a perfect angle to set off the bed explosions, so place a bed on that surface, along with a shield block to keep the explosion from hitting the player, and wait for the boss to descend.

Although the rock cannot be mined, feel free to dig under the structure if extra coverage is needed. Craft tables and other useful gadgets can be placed there, away from the explosions, to create more beds.