How to leave a Discord Server

If you no longer want to participate in certain discussions or want to reduce the amount of notifications, you may want to know how to leave a server in discord. Well, know that this can be done extremely quickly and conveniently on your PC or cell phone. Check out the step by step and more information below!

How to leave a server in Discord on PC

  1. Open the app or the web version of Discord on your PC and access the server you want to leave;
  2. Click the “Down Arrow” icon on the left menu;
  3. In the menu that opens then select “Exit Server”;
  4. Confirm the action in the pop-up that opens next.

How to leave a server in Discord on mobile

  1. Open the Discord app on your cell phone and access the server you want to leave;
  2. Tap the “Three dots” icon on the left menu;
  3. Then select “Exit Server” and confirm the action next.

How to delete server on discord

One option to leave a server owning it is to delete it.

  1. Go to “Server Settings”;
  2. Click on “Delete server” at the end of the left menu and confirm the action then.

Can I leave the server if I am the owner?

If you own or have created a Discord server but don’t want to delete it, you won’t be able to leave it until you transfer ownership to someone else. To do this, go to “Server Settings”, click on “Members” and give it that permission. Once this is done, you will be able to log out of the server using the procedure described above.

Can I return to a server after leaving?

Yup. After logging out, you will be able to return to a server if you have done so unintentionally or have regretted it. In any case, you have to be aware that there are servers that go through the moderation process, so you will have to be accepted back on them.

Are people notified when I leave the server?

Discord does not normally send notifications of who has left a server. However, it is not uncommon for administrators to set up bots that warn who has left or when someone leaves.

What happens to my messages after leaving a server?

Once you leave a server on Discord, your messages will still be there. In any case, you will no longer receive messages and notifications from the server.

Ready! From now on you know exactly how to leave a server on Discord.

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