How to listen to Spotify music with other Discord contacts

Are you missing listening to music with your friends? Through the Discord communication app (Linux | macOS | Windows), it is possible to link Spotify accounts and create joint sessions. This way, all session participants can hear the music at the same time while interacting in the text chat.

The feature is only available for the desktop version of Discord and requires a Spotify Premium subscription. When a member accesses the invite, the music streaming app opens and automatically plays the selected track. Before starting a group session, you need to link your Discord and Spotify accounts. You can carry out this process by following the steps below:

With the accounts connected, it’s simple to invite a friend or server to the joint session. Know how!

Discord: How to Listen to Spotify Music with Other Contacts

Step 1: in a conversation window, click the “+” icon next to the text field and select “Invite to listen together”;

Step 2: confirm the song played and, if you like, add a description. Click “Send Invitation” to start the session;

Step 3: the invitation can also be made directly to a contact. Right-click on the username and select “Invite to listen together”;

Step 4: a message will be sent containing the invitation. The invited person can press the highlighted button to join;

Step 5: When a person accepts the invitation, you can view the profile thumbnail in the same window.

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