How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

Warm, cozy, and also your biggest protection against monsters at night, these are beds in Minecraft. Building a bed is essential during your journey through the game because sleeping allows you to escape dangers at dusk. But, not only that, using a bed you can also save a place as a “Checkpoint” in Minecraft.

That way, even if you are surrounded by monsters, the bed allows you to return to the last place you slept. Was it all just a dream? In this article, see how to make a bed in Minecraft!

How to build a bed in Minecraft

To make a bed in Minecraft, you will need to collect these materials:

  • wooden block: 3 units (you can use wood from any tree);
  • There: are 3 units (these can be obtained by defeating sheep or by shearing their fur with scissors);

How to make a colorful bed in Minecraft

You can also create a colored bed with your favorite color. For this, it will be necessary to collect dye of the desired color. In Minecraft, you can find dyes by collecting flowers, cacti, and seeds, and defeating monsters. Here’s how to find some of the main colors of the rainbow:

  • red dye: collected from Roses, Poppies, Red Tulips, and Beetroot;
  • orange dye: collected from Orange Tulips and by mixing red and yellow dyes;
  • yellow dye: collected from Sunflowers and Dandelions;
  • green dye: collected from Cactus (needs to be burned in the furnace to become dye);
  • blue dye: collected from Lapis lazuli and Cornflower;
  • purple dye: made from a mixture of red and blue dyes;
  • lilac dye: collected from Pink Tulips, Peonies and from a mixture of red and white dyes;
  • black dye: collected from Ink Bag and Wither’s Rose;
  • white dye: collected from the Bone meal and Lily-of-the-valley;

When you manage to collect the required amount of dye to color the wool blocks, just place them in the workbench to dye the wool. Then just use the same original construction drawing:

Tips and trivia on how to use the bed in Minecraft

  • Clicking to lie on a bed sets that to be your “Respawn” location (just like a video game “Checkpoint”);
  • beds placed in nether or not end will explode when the player tries to sleep and set nearby blocks on fire. This explosion has a power of 5, which is stronger than dynamite (4), but not as strong as an electric creeper or an End crystal (6).
  • It is not possible to sleep if a monster is nearby, even through a wall. If you try, the message “You can’t sleep now, there are monsters nearby” will be displayed. So, you won’t be able to sleep if monsters are chasing you.
  • Getting out of bed changes the weather to “Day” during sunrise and the weather to clear weather. However, this does not speed up time-consuming processes like planting and smelting.

It’s worth it, take some beds to explore your world and dangerous places! Did you like these tips? Share this article with your friends who play Minecraft.

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