How to Make a brick in Minecraft

If you’re looking for protection with a touch of style, then knowing how to make a brick in Minecraft It is an excellent option for you. The material is the basis for building brick blocks, stairs and other important and durable items for building a solid foundation.

The brick is obtained by smelting the clay block, so collecting the material is a starting point for many players, but it is also necessary to build other objects. Check out the tutorial prepared by CodioDesk on the subject below.

How to create brick in minecraft

To facilitate the creation, it is important to have a ready-made workbench, as it will be used for the construction of a furnace. Also, have a unit of coal and clay, both obtained in the wild.

Coal units can be found in caves and are obtained by breaking rocks, meanwhile clay is easily found at the bottom of rivers or swamps.

create a furnace

  1. Collect eight boulder blocks in the wild;
  2. Go to the desktop and access it with the right mouse button;
  3. Arrange the boulder blocks as in the image below;
  4. Drag the furnace to your inventory.

Smelt to get brick

  1. On the work table, place the coal block anywhere to get nine units of coal;
  2. Place the furnace in the environment and right-click to access its crafting menu;
  3. Light the furnace with some fuel, in this case coal, positioned as in the image below;
  4. Add the clay ball above and save the process. At the end, drag the brick unit to your inventory.

Bricks can be used to make vases or, mainly, brick blocks. To get a block of bricks, you need to access the work table and simply place four of them as a square.

Other uses and types of brick

Now that you know how to do it, you need to know what you can create with matter. With them, the player can do:

  • Stairs: You need six brick blocks to create four stairs;
  • Wall: you need six brick blocks to create six walls;
  • Slab: You need three brick blocks to create six slabs.

In addition to crafting with the regular brick block, it is possible to build a rarer version, however, it is necessary to have visited the Nether and acquired several netherrack units. The process for creating Nether Bricks follows the same logic as conventional and can be used to create the same things.

In addition to the Nether Brick it is possible to create, in the same way as the common brick, versions of:

  • Stone: obtained by breaking stronghold walls;
  • End Stone: Obtained through End Stones;
  • Prismarine: obtained from oceanic monuments;
  • Quartz: Obtained after breaking room blocks;
  • Slate: Obtained through slate blocks.

That way you can make a brick and other useful objects to build solid foundations in Minecraft.

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