How to Make a fence and gate in Minecraft

Whether for decoration or to create your animal farm, the fence and Minecraft are indispensable for any player. Made from wood, the item is very simple to make and has several combinations.

To help make the items, CodioDesk prepared this tutorial on how to make the fence and the gate in the game. See below:

How to make a fence in Minecraft

In all, there are nine fencing options to choose from: oak, pine, birch, jungle wood, acacia, dark oak, crimson, warped wood, and nether brick.

  1. Collect wood from trees and process them in the player menu or on the Workbench. With two boards, make the sticks, as you will need both;
  2. Each recipe generates three fences, to make them you need four boards and two sticks. Place the two blocks on each side and two sticks in the middle, as in the picture;
  3. Once this is done, your fence is ready and can now be placed on the map. If you want to move it, just break it and place it wherever you want.

Nether fence

The Underworld Material Fence has a different process than the others. Instead of the boards, it is necessary to place the blocks “Nether Bricks” and in the middle two “Nether Bricks”. See below.

  1. To get the second item, just melt the Netherrack, the type of stone that is easily found in the Nether;
  2. With four of them, it is also possible to assemble the brick block (with four brick items) or break them from Nether Strongholds walls and bridges.


The gate is very similar to the fence, but requires different amounts of sticks and board blocks. It can be made from eight materials: oak, pine, birch, jungle wood, acacia, dark oak, crimson and warped wood.

  1. Process the desired woods into planks and sticks, as in Step 1 of the fence;
  2. Separate four sticks and two boards of the same material. on the sides, place two sticks and, in the middle, the two boards (as in the image below). Each recipe generates a gate;
  3. Just place the item between fences or even between blocks of other materials and it can be used.
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