How to Make a Fishing rod in Minecraft

Food is one of the most important aspects of the Mojang game, so knowing how to make a fishing rod in Minecraft it is essential for survival and, with a little more work, you can turn this simple item into an object to get the treasure and other items.

Check below how to craft a fishing rod in the game, as well as other important information, such as characteristics and how to get the item.

How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

To obtain a fishing rod, the player will need sticks, obtained through blocks of any wood, in addition to lines. It is important to have a Work Table ready, as it is used to gather items and finish production.

Sticks are easier to obtain, but lines can also be found in the wild, in temples, chests, by breaking webs or defeating spiders, or if you have a cat, he can bring you a gift. Once you have obtained the items, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the crafting menu and place the wooden blocks;
  2. This generates 4 Wooden Planks, take two units to the crafting menu;
  3. Place one above the other and get 4 Sticks;
  4. Save everything in your Inventory and go to the Workbench;
  5. Access the Workbench menu and place 3 Sticks and 2 Lines as in the image below;
  6. Drag to your Inventory and do good fishing.

How to fish in Minecraft

Once you’ve created the fishing rod, it’s time to find a river, lake or ocean and use the new item. The player can be on the shore, in the water, submerged or in a boat, the position does not interfere with the action. Go to a place with water, and watch for movement.

Play the line, with the interaction button and now it’s a matter of patience, luck and attention. Watch out for bubbles that may appear near the fishing rod, which may indicate that you are close to being able to catch something. Fishing can take between 5 to 30 seconds.

How to enchant a fishing rod

Enchant a fishing rod is a much more laborious process, but with it it is possible to guarantee interesting attributes, such as:

  • Bait: decreases fishing time;
  • Luck of the Sea: increases luck when fishing;
  • Durability: it takes longer to break down;
  • Patch: restores an item’s durability using experience;
  • Curse of Disappearance: when the player dies, the item disappears.

However, to enchant the fishing rod it is necessary to create an Enchantment Table. For this, have three Obsidian Blocks, a Diamond Block, a book, lapis lazuli and have an Anvil ready to finish. With everything in hand, just follow the steps below.

  1. Take the Diamond Block to the Worktable and collect 9 Diamonds;
  2. Place the Obsidian Blocks, two Diamonds, and the Book as in the image below;
  3. Drag to your Inventory to use the Enchantment Table;
  4. Place the Enchantment Table on the stage and place the lapis lazuli in the indicated location;
  5. Three enchantments, compatible with the item, will appear next to it, just choose one to use;
  6. Take the Fishing Rod and the Enchanted Book to the Anvil;
  7. Place both in the correct fields and you’re done.

That’s it, that way you can create a fishing rod, evolve it by enchanting it and advance even further in the game.

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