How to Make a ladder in Minecraft

See the step by step and discover how to make a ladder in Minecrafta construction that will allow you to walk up quickly and, unlike the “Jump” action, it doesn’t use up as much energy from the “Food Bar”, responsible for several movements in the game.

The object has been present in the game since the Alpha 1.0 version and could be constructed of wood or stone. Since then, many other materials can be used in its making, in addition to being used by NPCs and other players as a cover or benches, check out how to create one below.

How to create a ladder in Minecraft

For the tutorial, the material used was wood, but it is possible to do it with many others, the list of all possible ones can be found below. To build a ladder, have a workbench ready and follow the steps below.

  1. Collect a trunk from any tree;
  2. Take it to your workbench and right-click to access the construction menu;
  3. Place the wooden block on any board to get 4 “Wooden Planks”;
  4. 6 wooden planks are needed to build a ladder, use more wooden blocks to get the required number;
  5. On your workbench, position as in the image below to get 4 “Wooden Stairs”.

Other materials for making stairs

You can make stairs from other materials, placing them on the work table in the same way as the wooden one. From the simplest to find, to the rarest, you can make a ladder with:

  • Found on the surface: Cobblestone, Stone, Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Sandstone and Red Sandstone;
  • Found in Caves: Copper and Slate
  • Found in the Sea: Prismarinho;
  • Found in End: Purple and End Stone
  • Found in the Nether: Blackstone, Nether Bricks and Nether Red Bricks;
  • Unnatural Obtaining: Clay, Bricks.

Ready! That way you can create a ladder and expand the game experience even further.

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