How to make an in-game Armor Support in Minecraft

Minecraft has an almost immeasurable variety of items, and one of them is Armor Holder, which you can use to light like an ordinary torch, but underwater. However, many players have no idea how to make this item. So we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to do Armor Support in Minecraft!

How to do Armor Support in Minecraft

Making this item is surprisingly easy. That’s because you’ll only need 6 Sticks and a Flat Stone Slab. For this last item, just place 3 Flat Stones next to each other on a Work Bench to get that specific slab. Now, to get Smooth Stones, you must take Ordinary Stones (obtained by breaking stones with a pickaxe enchanted with Touch of Silk or by cooking Gravel in the Furnace) and cook them in the Furnace.

When you already have all these items at hand, just combine them in a Workbench, as follows:

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