How to make charcoal in Minecraft

Learning how to make charcoal in Minecraft it serves as an alternative to the common one and even though it is not difficult to find charcoal in nature, the abundance of raw material for the vegetable version is very abundant, making it a more attractive option for players.

However, there are two different ones to the conventional version: Charcoal cannot be used as a bargaining chip with villagers, and it cannot be used to create charcoal.

How to get charcoal in Minecraft

To obtain coal, two steps are necessary: ​​the first is to create a furnace in your work table and then to melt the raw material to transform it into what you want. Check it out below.

create a furnace

  1. Collect 8 blocks from any stones you find in the scenario;
  2. Go to your desktop and access it with the right mouse button;
  3. Position the stone blocks as in the image below;
  4. Drag the Furnace to your inventory.

Turn wood into charcoal

  1. Collect any wood by breaking tree trunks found;
  2. Place the furnace on the stage and open the crafting menu by clicking with the right mouse button;
  3. Place any fuel at the bottom and place the wood above;
  4. Wait as long as necessary and drag the charcoal to your inventory.

Use of charcoal

For example, the material serves as fuel to create torches perfect for taking with you when exploring caves. It can also be used to light furnaces and bonfires and create fireballs, a long-range combat item in the game.

Ready! That way, you make charcoal in Minecraft, and you have an extra fuel option in the game.

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