How to Make smooth stone in Minecraft

One of the funniest aspects of Minecraft is finding beautiful and different resources for buildings. The more you explore, the more different blocks are accumulated, especially the stones. They are very useful in construction and can be transformed into beautiful smooth stones.

Whether mining on the ground, in the mountains, or in other terrains, it is common for your inventory to be filled with boulders. As I said before, it is not something completely useless and serves both to build a possible way back, and to become a much more interesting block in your constructions.

Although very beautiful, the block is not as difficult to manufacture as it looks. For you to learn once and for all how to do it, CodioDesk put together this simple tutorial on how to make the smooth stones in Minecraft. See below:

  1. Find stones on the map. They are always in caves, on mountain slopes, and underground. Use a pickaxe, preferably, to break the block and get it as a boulder.
  2. With the desired amount of gravel, place it in a furnace to “cook”. This will cause the item to turn to stone again. You can use coal or wood as fuel, it makes no difference to the end result.
  3. Once the block is ready and back to its original state, repeat the process, but cook the stone.
  4. Once this is done, you will have your “smooth stone” and you can use it however you want. Unlike a regular stone, if it is broken, it will not revert to a boulder, so don’t worry if you put it in the wrong place.
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