How to make the strongest sword in Minecraft

Who plays Minecraft the longest certainly remembers that the diamond sword was the strongest in the game. However, since update 1.16, the game has received netherites, powerful items capable of improving weapons and armor to make them stronger and more resistant.

However, the item and its raw materials can only be found in the Nether, in chests in buildings, or near places with lava. Other than that, it cannot simply be crafted, as you need to have other items to get to it.

The process is long, but it will be worth it. So, check out each step below to get the sword of nethetira, the strongest in the world. Minecraft.

how to make netherite

  1. Collect a block of ancient debris, which can be found floating in lava;
  2. Cook it to become Netherite Scrap. Each block generates a fragment;
  3. Once you have four, mix it with four more gold bars (which can be mined, found in villages or made with nuggets) to get the netherite bar;
  4. Know that each recipe generates a bar, so make as many as you need.

how to make diamond sword

To get the most powerful version, you need a diamond sword. Although simpler, the difficulty here is just finding the gemstone, which is in the deeper layers of the map, near places with lava, and in chests of constructions.

  1. Collect wood of any kind, and process it into a board;
  2. Use the board to make sticks, you will only need one;
  3. Once you have two diamonds too, use a workbench and place a stick and two diamonds vertically above it (as in the image below).

How to make a blacksmith table

With the netherite bar and diamond sword in hand, you’ll need a blacksmith to make the sword stronger. It is very simple to make and requires only blocks of board and iron bar.

  1. Collect wood and process to get four plank blocks of any wood;
  2. Find blocks of iron ore (common or abyssal slate) and cook them in the furnace to obtain the iron bar. You will need two;
  3. Place the four wooden blocks in a square and place the bars on top.

How to make Netherite Sword

After all these processes, the easiest part has come to have the netherite sword, the strongest in the world. Minecraft.

  1. Use the blacksmithing table;
  2. In the first square, place the diamond sword;
  3. In the second place the netherite bar

That’s it, the strongest weapon in the game is made. It is worth mentioning that, in the Java version, it has 8 points of damage and 9 in the Bedrock version, always 1 point more than the diamond one. It deals 12.8 damage per second and has a durability of 2031 actions.

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best sword enchantments

With the enchantment table, the weapon can become even more powerful, improving its attack, defense and durability aspects. In all, there are eight available, but the most versatile are:

  1. Sharpening: has 1.25 more damage per level, ranging from I (1) to V (5);
  2. Flaming aspect: as the name says, it sets the rival on fire for 4 seconds. At level I, the opponent can lose up to three hearts of life, at level II, he can lose up to seven;
  3. Repulsion: pushes enemies a distance of three blocks at tier I and six blocks at tier II;
  4. Range: allows an attack to have more area of ​​damage and goes from level I to III.

The “Judgment” and “Ruin of the “Arthropods” enchantments are only good for fighting zombies and spiders, respectively, but are ineffective against other creatures. like the Enderman, as he increases the chance of objects appearing.

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