How to Add Password on youtube

After all, how to put a password on Youtube? If you want to protect your privacy and avoid prying eyes, it’s important to take precautions. This measure is also interesting to control the use of Youtube Kids by your children (if you have any). For each of these scenarios, CodioDesk has the ideal solution.

There are those who like to protect their most-used applications with a password. Unfortunately, not all programs offer the option natively. In general, this cannot be done directly by the cell phone system. Fortunately, there are third-party apps that make this possible.

Among the most popular is AppLock (Android l iOS). To use it on your device, download it and set the password that will be used to access other apps. Then choose which programs will be protected, grant the necessary permissions and confirm. The process is quite simple. On another occasion, we teach you how to use AppLock in more detail.

Although it is one of the first names when it comes to putting passwords in applications, AppLock is not the only option. There are other interesting solutions, such as Parallel Space and LOCKit, which, in addition to being effective, have a high level of reliability.

Now that you, who want privacy, are well served; It’s time to present the second method, this one aimed at parents who want to put a password on Youtube Kids (Android l iOS). Fortunately, the app has the native feature, and for that reason, the process is much simpler.

How to put a password on Youtube Kids

1. Access the platform and, in the lower right corner, click on the lock icon;

2. Now, to proceed, enter the correct answer from the equation displayed on the screen and click on “Submit”;

3. With the menu unlocked, select the “Settings” option;

4. Slide the screen until you find the command “Set custom password”;

5. Enter a four-digit combination and then confirm. To edit or delete the password, just follow the same path.

After this adjustment, whenever the child opens the application, it will be necessary to fill in the password. Otherwise, access to the contents will not be released.

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