How to Add photo on YouTube channel

In case you don’t know this space, know that it is dedicated to Youtube creators (Android l iOS l Web). Through it, it is possible to edit the information and appearance of the channel, send videos, monitor the performance of the content and perform other actions such as these.

1. To get started, access the platform from your computer and click on the profile icon at the top of the screen. Then select the “My channel” tab;

2. Now, on the left side of the screen, click on the profile picture once more;

3. With this action, you will be forwarded to Youtube Studio. On this page, you can put a photo on the Youtube channel, create a banner and even a watermark for the videos. To do this, use the “Change” or “Send” commands. Click on “Done” and, in the upper right corner, on “Publish”. As in every platform, the user must follow some formatting criteria.

Check below which parameters you should follow for each image:

  • Profile picture: the file must be 800 x 800 pixels or 98 x 98 pixels JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG;
  • banner image: Must be at least 2048 x 1152 pixels in 16:9 aspect ratio. If there are texts and logos, the dimensions drop to 1235 x 338 pixels. As for the file size, the maximum limit is 6 MB;
  • Watermark: for this format, the minimum is 150 x 150 pixels. The maximum size is 1 MB.

In addition to the format and dimensions, the user must also pay attention to another factor: the images cannot violate the rules of the site. Some content is strictly prohibited, such as nudity and sexual content; hate speech; explicit or violent content; and harassment or cyberbullying. For all the rules, check out YouTube’s guidelines in person.

How to put a photo on YouTube channel by app

If you want more practicality, know that it is also possible to put a photo on the Youtube channel through the application. But by this way, watermark adjustment is not available.

1. Just like on PC, click on the profile picture in the upper right corner. Then select the option “Your channel”;

2. On the next screen, click on the pencil icon to the right of the “Manage Videos” command;

3. Now click on the camera icons over the profile picture and the cover to change them. Choose an image from the gallery. Settings are automatically saved.

Through the app, the user can also edit the channel name, description and some privacy settings. All of these options are below the profile and cover images.

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