How to Put skins in Minecraft

Put skins in Minecraft It’s as simple as downloading the game and exploring the open-world survival sandbox by Mojang Studios. Learn in this tutorial how to change the skin on Minecraft on PC, mobile, and consoles.

Skins work as cosmetic items that change your character’s appearance in the game. If this is your first time playing Minecraft, note that you already start with two basic skins: Steve and Alex. You can customize your avatar using the Minecraft in-game store to buy new outfits, or go to third-party websites to download the file and install it on your PC.

It’s also important to back up your last Minecraft save before applying any skins. Not that it breaks the game, but it’s just an extra layer of security in case something goes wrong and you don’t lose your progress.

To facilitate the search for the version of Minecraft you play, we have separated the tutorials into topics according to the version of the game for each platform. The procedure is almost the same in all of them, however, pay attention to the fact that, in the version consoles, it is not possible to download skins from other sites. In this case, only the skins that appear in the Minecraft in-game store are available through your console’s store.

1. Minecraft Java Edition (PC)

  1. Go to a site with Minecraft skins and download the PNG file on your computer;
  2. Open the game installed on the PC and click on “Closet” in the lower right corner of the screen;
  3. Select “Edit Character” or “Create Character”;
  4. In the new window, go to the icon with three avatars and select “Purchased”;
  5. Click “Import” to select the PNG file of the skin downloaded on the PC;
  6. Choose one of the models available in the skin, which can be a larger or a smaller one.
  7. Ready. The new skin will be visible on your avatar in Minecraft.

2. Minecraft Console Edition (consoles)

  1. Open Minecraft on your console and go to “Help & Options” (“Help & Options”, if the game is in English);
  2. Select “Change Skin”;
  3. Choose the skin of any pack purchased from the in-game store;
  4. Ready. Your skin will be applied to the character.

3. Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Android, iOS)

  1. Go to a site with Minecraft skins and download the PNG file on your cell phone;
  2. Open the Minecraft website and log in. Or open the game installed on the mobile;
  3. On the home screen, tap “Profile”;
  4. With an avatar selected, tap “Edit Character”;
  5. Tap on “Purchased” and then on “Import”, to select the PNG file of the skin downloaded on the PC;
  6. Choose the skin downloaded on your smartphone. You can make her arms shorter or wider;
  7. Ready. Your avatar will get the look of the new skin.

Sites to download skins for Minecraft

There are a multitude of sites on the internet to download skins in Minecraft. Below, we list some options:

  • Minecraft Skin Search;
  • Super Minecraft Skins;
  • PlanetMinecraft;
  • NameMC.

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