How to Record videos in YouTube Studio

In YouTube Studio, creators can manage their channels very easily. There you can analyze data, edit videos, start live streams, monetize content and much more. In addition, using YouTube creator studio you can also record and upload videos. See how to do it!

How to record videos in YouTube Studio

Although the platform does not have a native feature dedicated to recording videos, there is a way to circumvent the lack of this function using resources on YouTube. After all, the platform allows you to record, edit and publish your live streams as videos on your channel. So, that means you can record a video on YouTube using a WebCam and screen recording software throughout your lives. Check out the step-by-step below:

  1. Access YouTube Studio (Web);
  2. Click on “Create”;
  3. Select “Stream live”;

How to set up a live in YouTube Studio

On this page, you can make some settings on your broadcast like choosing a title, adding description, choosing your devices and even selecting third-party software to manage the broadcast. But, you may be thinking: — “does this mean I have to record a video in public?”. No, look!

Once you set your stream details (which by the way are exactly the same as your video upload details) you can set the “Visibility” of your live to “Private”. With this option enabled, it will only be visible to you and guests added via email. That way, you can feel more comfortable when recording your video.

How to save a YouTube Studio video to your channel

  1. When you finish your live, click on the “Edit in Studio” option;
  2. On this page, you can make some edits and cuts to your recorded video;
  3. After editing, tap “Save as new”;
  4. Once this is done, select how you want to publish your video;
  5. Then just tap on “Save as new” again;
  6. After all, your recorded video will be published on your YouTube channel.

It is worth remembering that it may take a few minutes for your video to be processed even if it is recorded directly by YouTube. With these tips, it is easier to record videos through YouTube Studio. Did you like this article? Share this tip with your friends!

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