How to reload WINDTRE: all methods

As you surely know, especially if you own a SIM from the same operator, Wind and TRE have joined their forces to create a new mobile line, that is WINDTRE. In this guide, therefore, we will see how to top up the credit using all the methods currently available (both online and physical).

How to reload WINDTRE online

The first solution available to reload any WINDTRE number relies on the official website of the same operator. This is undoubtedly the simplest method to top up phone credit since it does not require creating an account or login.

  • Access the website WINDTRE official from any browser (both on PC and mobile devices)
  • Enter the number to be reloaded in the two fields under the item “Which number do you want to top up?”
  • Choose the amount by clicking on the options below (from 5 euros to 100 euros)
  • Select the payment method from: credit card, PayPal or debit to the account
  • Enter a valid e-mail address in the appropriate field to receive notification of the recharge
  • Conclude the procedure with “Reload” down

How to recharge WINDTRE with RicariCard

One of the more traditional methods for reloading a WINDTRE number is to use the prepaid card “RicariCard” available for purchase at: newsagents, bars, WINDTRE stores, tobacconists, and other authorized dealers. The so-called “Scratch card” is available in denominations of 5 euros, 10 euros, 15 euros, 25 euros, and 50 euros.

After making the purchase in the preferred denomination, to complete the recharge correctly, it will be sufficient to follow the procedure below.

  • Scratch the back area to reveal the 16-digit PIN code
  • Make a call to 4242 using the phone number to top up
  • Follow the prompt voice and when prompted, enter your 16-digit PIN using the numeric keypad

In case you want to reload another WINDTRE number, it is not possible to access the phone number concerned at that time; you can still top up from a landline phone by calling the number “328.525.25.00”.

How to recharge WINDTRE through the official app

Anyone who owns a smartphone will surely have thought of downloading the application dedicated to the management of their operator. Even using this service it will be possible to make a simple recharge.

  • Download the free app WINDTRE from the Google Play Store or from App Store (depending on the smartphone operating system)
  • Open the app and log in to your WINDTRE account by entering your credentials (if you do not have one, you will need to click on “Register” to start the registration procedure)
  • From the main screen of the app, click on “Reload” below and verify that in the text field “Number,” the number to be recharged is present (otherwise add it)
  • Choose your preferred top-up denomination (ranging from 2 euros to 100 euros)
  • Select the payment method, choosing between prepaid credit card, PayPal, or WINDTRE telephone account
  • Conclude with “Reload”

Other solutions to reload WINDTRE

In addition to the methods listed above, WINDTRE offers alternatives to top up any telephone number in a very simple way.

  • Ricevitorie e authorized dealers with denominations from 5 euros to 50 euros (Lottomatica, Sisal, TotoBit Power Pos, and many others)
  • Branches ATM And Postamat
  • Home Banking of the own Credit institution
  • Easy Refill by associating your number with a bank account and then making the top-up at the ATMs enabled via a PIN or by calling 4242 or by sending an SMS to the same number with the amount to be recharged written between 15, 20, 30, 50 or 100 euros followed by a space and a personal PIN
  • PayPal by accessing thededicated web page after logging in or registering

What is the special refill

Before concluding, we want to devote a paragraph to the so-called “Special refill”, which mainly concerns top-ups made in denominations of 5 or 10 euros. In fact, by choosing one of the two aforementioned proposals, 5 and 10 euros will not be recharged, but 4 and 9 euros, with the addition of 24 hours of unlimited voice and data traffic.

In the event that you have to pay for your promotion at a cost of 5 or 10 euros, you will necessarily have to choose the top-up amount of 6 or 11 euros (available only online and if you do not already have any remaining credit to be used).

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