How to Save YouTube videos

It is helpful to know how to save YouTube videos. If you can’t watch the content at the moment, send it to the “Watch later” playlist and quickly access a list saved in your profile on the platform.

The playlist is linked to your YouTube account. That way, you can access it on different devices, including TV and mobile, as long as you log in with your account and have an internet connection at the time of playback. This feature can be used in a few steps. Check out how!

  1. Open YouTube (Android | iOS | Web) and log into your account.
  2. Search for a video or open a channel’s submissions list. Then, select the three dots icon next to the desired video and choose whether to add it to your own playlist or to “Watch later”;
  3. If you are watching a video and want to finish playing it later, select the “Save” icon from the options. YouTube offers the options to add to different playlists;
  4. To find all saved videos, open your YouTube library and select the “Watch later” tab. On the next screen, you can choose between the contents and remove the videos you’ve already watched.

How to create a playlist on YouTube

When saving a video, YouTube gives you the option to create your own playlist. In this case, select “New playlist” and give it a name. In addition, the video platform allows you to switch between public or private lists, restricted to your profile only. All playlists are available on the library screen.

How to download a video on YouTube

The save to watch later function eliminates the need for downloading on the platform. However, it is necessary to maintain an active internet connection to play each video. To download videos, you need a YouTube Premium subscription. Check out the step by step in this article:

  • How to download videos on YouTube

Ready! After following these steps, you can save videos to YouTube to play them later.

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