How to Tame a horse in Minecraft

Knowing how to tame a horse in Minecraft it’s an important process, and highly recommended when you need to travel to distant biomes, as it’s one of the fastest ground transportation found in the Mojang Studios title.

There are a few types that the player can find around the world, in addition to the 35 different coloring options. The player can even choose to dress them in armor, increasing their resistance when encountering hostile mobs. Check out the process to tame one below.

Before taming a horse it is necessary for the player to find a saddle, as it will be used to mount the animal after taming it. The item cannot be crafted, so some exploration time may be required. Search chests in the following locations:

  • Ruined bastion;
  • Ancestral city;
  • End City;
  • Strength;
  • Nether Fortress
  • Dungeon;
  • Desert Temple;
  • Jungle Temple;
  • village.

Horses can be found in plains, a relatively flat biome with few trees, or in savannas, a flat, dry biome. They are usually in groups of 2 to 6 animals, along with some donkeys that can also be domesticated.

Taming a horse

To tame the animal, it is necessary to acquire its trust by feeding it. Sugar, hay block, golden carrots, apples, golden apples, and wheat can be used for this when approaching an animal that is quite docile.

  1. Find a horse in one of the aforementioned biomes;
  2. Feed the horse to increase the chances of taming it;
  3. Put a saddle on the animal by right-clicking;
  4. Press the right button, empty-handed, to mount it;
  5. Keep trying, sometimes he can knock you down;
  6. When he doesn’t throw you, keep riding for a few seconds until hearts appear.

Types of horse

In the game there are three types of the horse:

  • horses: with different colors and colors, it can be tamed;
  • Zombie Horses: greenish skin and black eyes, cannot be tamed;
  • Skeleton Horses: body composed only of bones, rarest variation in the game that is a result of lightning, but quickly disappears if there is no interaction. It cannot be tamed, but it can be ridden.

Characteristics of a horse

The horse’s speed varies from 4.8 blocks per second to 14.5, so it is widely used by players for locomotion. It is also very useful when climbing mountains, as it can jump more blocks than the player, however, it is not possible to enter the nether with a horse.

In addition, other characteristics and behaviors of a horse are:

  • The horse eating grass animation doesn’t make it disappear;
  • If the player tries to saddle an untamed horse, it will raise its front legs;
  • Horses do not attack even if they are hit;
  • Can be attached to a rope, with the exception of the Zombie Horse;
  • They can be taken in carts;
  • Your health regenerates over time, unlike other animals.

Ready! In this way, the horse is tamed and can be used to navigate the world. To control it, the keys are the same for movement and jumping that you use with the player.

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