How to use Floatplane, alternative platform of YouTube

Through Floatplane, which is very reminiscent of Youtube, subscribers can access content from their favourite creators with special advantages. Among them is early access to videos and, of course, the absence of ads. Check out how to use the platform below.

How to use Floatplane

Step 1: access the platform from the computer and, in the upper right corner, click on “Sign Up”. It is not yet possible to register via the mobile version;

Step 2: now, enter a valid email address, and create a username and password. When finished, tap “Sign Up”;

Step 3: with this action, a verification message will be sent to your email. Access it and click on the confirmation button that will appear. After that, return to the Floatplane and select “Return to login”;

Step 4: enter your credentials and click “Sign in”;

Step 5: with this action, you will see the Floatplane splash screen. Search for a creator through the search bar or click on one of the channels shown below;

Step 6: When accessing a channel, you will see the videos already published. Below the cover will be the tabs “Home”, “Posts” (which gathers posts only) and “About” (where the channel description is). To search for specific content on the channel, use the magnifying glass button located on the right side. Finally, to subscribe, click on “Subscribe”;

Step 7: to date, most Floatplane creators charge a fee for users to watch their videos. In YouTube parlance, it’s like becoming a channel member. Each subscription has specific benefits, such as early access to content, exclusive lives, behind-the-scenes footage and so on. In addition, some channels have Discord integration. To actually subscribe, click on “Subscribe” and provide the necessary payment details.

Ready! Now you know how to use Floatplane to access content from content creators early and with other benefits.

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