Where To Find Goats in Minecraft

Recently added to Minecraft, the goats are neutral creatures that can be found mainly in the biome of mountains, With your spawn being more frequent near peaks and at high heights.

Goats are attracted to wheat and provide the player with milk, which is identical to the milk obtained from cows. In addition, you can still find screaming goats, which although they look the same as normal goats, emit a different sound and use their gore attack more often.

At Bedrock Edition, the goats can still drop the “goat horn”, which is dropped when a goat hits a solid block. This item’s main effect is to emit a sound very similar to that of invasions.

Finally, the goats are part of the update. Caves & Cliffs, which had its first part officially launched this Tuesday (7), bringing other creatures, such as the bright squid and the Axolotls.