Location of all fire pillars in the Siofra River in Elden Ring

In the Siofra River area in Elden Ring, you need to ascend 8 torches spread across the map to be able to face the boss of the area, and today we are going to show you where each of these torches are.

Location of all torches on the Siofra River in Elden Ring

The best place to start solving the puzzle is at the Siofra River Bank in the underground region. From here, players can see the temple that contains the slain deer god and the pillars outside, which will mark how many of the eight beacons of fire they have lit. The first of these flaming lighthouses is just a few steps away, directly between Graça and the temple.

The second pillar of flame on the Siofra River is directly northwest of the first, atop an ascending chasm guarded by ancestral spirits. The third pillar can be found between the two colossal bridges that cross the area and is guarded by more ancestral spirits that can easily catch the player with their magically charged arrows. The last southern pillar of the Siofra River region lies east of the third, on an elevation just above the cliff edge.

Elden Ring - Location of all Siofra River torches

The next two pillars of fire on the Siofra River can be found between the north bridge and the ruins of a smaller bridge above it. Both pillars are quite close together and can be easily accessed from the nearby Place of Grace.

Finally, players must head to the wooded area at the north end of the Siofra River to find the two remaining pillars. In case you have any doubts, the image above marks the exact location of each of them.